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Ag-cat stars in Seachange

wh21.jpg (10952 bytes)HUNDREDS of yellow leaflets were dropped from a biplane over the Barwon Heads Airport last month while an ABC camera crew caught all the action. Pilot Graham Lee flew the Ag-cat biplane at 60 meters above the grass airstrip while a passenger dropped the leaflets. The scene was being filmed for a forthcoming episode of SeaChange where the Pearl Bay town editor decides to promote his new
newspaper by dropping leaflets over the town.
Manager of the Barwon Heads Airport, Barbara Begg said the scheduled filming had to be postponed twice because of inclement weather.
Filming of the 15 second sequence took about an hour with the plane making several runs over the airfield while test leaflets were dropped.
After the filming was completed ABC staff spent another hour gathering the hundreds of leaflets strewn across the airfield and adjoining paddocks
Graham Lee said the Ag-cat is a former crop dusting aircraft and features a radial engine capable of 300hp giving the plane a top speed of 75 knots. He said at the moment there were about nine Model- A  Ag-cats still in use in Australia.
"There are two in Queensland that have been fitted with floats for landing on lakes and rivers and others have been fitted with perspex cabins". Graham said.
The distinctive red and black Ag-cat biplane plane is available for hire and joy flights from the Barwon Heads Airport.