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Explosion rocks Barwon bridge.

 wh19a.jpg (14247 bytes)   THE explosion was staged by the producers of SeaChange and will feature in the final episode of the second series to be screened on ABC later this year.
    About 60 people were involved in filming the scene which featured SeaChange character Bob Jelly standing alone on the deserted bridge.
    Police halted traffic from both sides of the river and the Barwon Heads Fire Brigade was present, as a safety measure, as pyrotechnicians placed sophisticated mock explosives on and under the bridge. A large group of people gathered on the Ocean Grove bank of the river and about 100 people gathered on the jetty and along the foreshore to watch the mock explosion.
    ABC location manager, Greg Ellis said film crew had set up three cameras in different locations to shoot the explosion. Problems were encountered with the firing the charges and he thanked the people and motorists of the area for their patience during the short time the bridge was closed to traffic and pedestrians.