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The world according to Kev

kev.jpg (13278 bytes)A Little piece of Kevin Findlay wisdom has been the signature at the end of each SeaChange episode and his 'philosophy' will continue on in the new series,
Kev and Trev sit, gazing thoughtfully at a setting sun across a tranquil sea, while Key sums up the events of the past few days and rounds them off with his own thoughts and theories. Trev listens intently, pondering his father's wisdom.
In the series Kevin Findlay, self-taught handy. man, self taught philosopher, runs the Come On Inn Caravan Park, which is owned by Bob Jelly,
Kev also works for the local shire which means he can turn up anywhere and complete a job with any level of ineptitude!
Key's son Trevor, at 14, is the local community.  'dag' with no idea of what is required to be cool', Although this has given him great strength of character and, free from the constraints of socially acceptable teenage behaviour, Trevor is pretty well game for anything, he makes his own decisions and he trusts his dad.
Christopher Lyons, who plays Trevor, is far from the 'dag' of his character, The tall, well. built 16 year-old is full of energy and has a cheeky sense of humour, He said his first professional acting job was for ReVital Milk commercial when he was 8-years-old and since then has appeared in 25 commercials and is renowned in the industry after having done more than 100 'voice-overs'.
He has played numerous guest roles and small pans in A Country Practice, River Street, State Coroner, RAW FM and when Christopher was 12 he played the load role of Ben the owner of Bob the dog in The Bob Morrison Show,
Kevin Finday is played by Kevin Harrington and he shares the same first name as his character, he declares that they a similar in some ways: ,we are both pretty average handymen!" he laughs.
Kevin's acting career began in street theatre followed by a successful stint doing 'stand-up' at comedy venues. He has since worked in theatre, television, radio and also writes for the various mediums. His television credits include The Mail from Snowy, River, Shortwave, State Coroner and Blue Heelers. His theatre work includes A Fortunate Life, Dealers Choice and After Dinner for the Melbourne Theatre Company and a highlight was being nominated for a Green Room Award for Aftershocks, a play  based on the Newcastle earthquake.

The Oyster drops in

In a future episode of Seachange, Pearl Bay's new newspaper The Oyster is introduced from the sky!  The editor, in a bid to nicrease circulation drops them his papers from a light plane and lets them float down on the town  1000 mock newspapers were dropped from a light p;ane over Barwon Heads for filming of the episode The Whistler has no plans to increase circulation in the same way.