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Young  Star here for a seachange

ONE of the young actors from SeaChange, Kane McNay was so impressed with Barwon Heads during filming of the series last year that he convinced his family to holiday in the town during January.
Kane, who plays Rupert Gibson, spent a week in Barwon Heads with his family and friends during January. He said quite a few people had recognised him from the show and he was really pleased that the show had made the town popular.
Kane 15, and his friend Kade Allen of Williamstown spent the week boogie boarding on the river, were regulars at the carnival and had discovered the Bluff and 1 3th Beach. Ever conscious of his fitness, Kane has also gained the services of a personal trainer, family friend, Pat Madigan.crib.jpg (10640 bytes)
"After footy finished last year I gained a bit of weight and Pat helped me get my fitness back to peak levels. I start footy training in a couple of weeks and I also have to look my best for SeaChange So it is important for me to keep fit." he said. Kane said he really enjoys football and plays in a team from the Yarraville Boys Football Club.
Since appearing in SeaChange Kane has played a leading role in a short film, Turning Corners, directed by Tammy Quah. Filming for the second series of SeaChange has begun and Kane said he had seen the scripts for the first couple of episodes, but would not give any details.
"I will give one small hint: Rupert goes missing." is all Kane would say


Pictured: Nanette Cribbes serves hot chocolate to Kade Allen and Kane McNay (right). The boys called into the 'Pearl Bay Coffee Bar' which operates outside the Barwon Heads  takeway shop in Bridge Road.