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Local tourism gets unexpected Boost from   SeaChange

The Sunday night, ABC comedy drama Sea Change filmed at Barwon Heads earlier this year has been a huge ratings and popularity success. It also has had a spin-off effect for local tourism attracting people to the area who have come to Barwon Heads to see the locations used in the series.      
       Ratings figures indicate more than 500,000 people watched the show each week in the metropolitan area. Tourism analysists say such television exposure of the area could be worth thousands of dollars in tourist marketing.
       Local residents say they have noticed an increasing number of day trippers to Barwon Heads, particularly at weekends with people gathering along the foreshore near the fishermen's jetty at Barwon Heads.      
      Sea change: meaning to make a notable or unexpected transformation also inspired A Current Affair segment by Channel 9 reporter Rachael.Friend. The report that aired during July on national television featured couples who had given up high-stress city jobs to make their own sea change. Among them was Ocean Grove's John Green, poet, bard and solicitor.
      John and his wife Myra were depicted walking along Ocean Grove's main surf beach. "Beaches are what dreams are made of. Just to live by the beach, the wide open beach is always part of man's idea of freedom." John said during the five minute A Current Affair segment.
      There was also footage of Barwon Heads' locations, the surf beach and students at Ocean  Grove Primary School being entertained by the   Living Poet's Society. And appearing in the Sunday Age magazine on 26 July, a full page advertisement telling tourists 'Rome for a Sea change', but alas it invited them to travel down the Great Ocean Road.
       The final episode in the current series of  SeaChange screened on 3 August. The ABC has confirmed that production of a further 13 episodes will begin in November with cast and crew returning to Barwon Heads for filming.