Articles on this page with permission from GREG WANE, are taken from the Barwon Heads,Ocean Grove, and Wallington news .

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Bryce McKenzie, Craig McMahon and Mick Ward on the set of Sea Change at Barwon Heads.

A talented group of disabled actors is forging a path in Australian mainstream television, bringing a sense of realism, credibility and enormous talent to the entertainment industry. Two local actors have become a part of the group: Mick Ward, 50 of Geelong and Bryce McKenzie, 19 of Wallington. The two actors were playing townspeople in the ABC production of Sea Change.
Campaigner for the group, actor Craig McMahon 22, has worked intensively with the troupe for the past two years and believes that these actors offer quality never before seen on mainstream television. He developed the drama class with Barwon Heads identity John McAllen who runs the Screen Actors Studio.
Generally I work with each actor according to their skill base. It is important to challenge them and provide feed back and they are so enthusiastic and have such respect for each other that it makes my work very enjoyable and rewarding." Craig said.
"I am excited about their future and I hope I have started a trend whereby these actors will be considered for roles in television and as a result real issues regarding disabled people can be portrayed." Craig said.
Craig, an able-bodied actor has performed in theatre and stage productions and played a character role in Neighbours.
He is currently writing and producing a documentary for disabled actors which will focus on their background, dedication and the contribution they can make to the industry.
Bryce McKenzie said SeA Change at Barwon Heads is his first professional acting gig.
"It was really fantastic to be a part of the production and I was really thrilled at getting the opportunity to be in it." Bryce said.
Craig said he would like to go on record and thank Artist Services and Kylie White, casting director at the ABC for giving the disabled actors the opportunity to appear in SeA Change.