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Two Jetties project continues with Lions help

TIMBER playground equipment was erected on the Barwon Heads foreshore by members of the Lions Club on Sunday 12 October. The Ocean Grove-Barwon Heads Lions spent the day erecting the authentic, original timber swings as pan of the Two Jetties project. The swings will form pan of the large playground area that is surrounded by extensive planting's of indigenous trees.
Managed by Barwon Coast, the project took a step closer to completion with the Lions Club effort. Meanwhile further along the foreshore the an piece has been steadily taking shape with the construction of a 'dry wall' by artists, Daryl Cuthell, Mark Trinham and Glenn Romanis.
The Two Jetties project, expected to be completed by Christmas will be the show piece of Barwon Heads. The foreshore area has been sadly lacking in facilities in the past, but the project will rejuvenate the area and it is hoped will attract visitors to the picturesque spot beside the river.
Over 60 years ago, boathouses lined the foreshore on the same spot between the two jetties and thousands of summer tourists came to enjoy the beach and river estuary.