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TV series will use Barwon Heads for location filming


THE ABC Television Drama Unit has of officially confirmed that segments of a television mini series will be filmed in Barwon Heads over a five month period beginning in November. Last month's Whistler carried a brief outline announcing the filming and since then a representative from the ABC contacted The Whistler with more detailed information. Filming will take place at the fishermen's pier, caravan park, the bridge, river and coastal beach. Street scenes were to be filmed in Hitchcock Avenue but will now be done on The Esplanade at St. Leonards because of the direct visual connection with the sea at that town.
The name of the series has been changed from Tropical Fever to Sea Change and the fictitious town, Mona Bay, has become Pearl Bay. Tropical Fever was used as a working title when it was originally planned to film the series at Byron Bay. A key element of Sea Change is that the bridge connecting Pearl Bay to the nearby fictitious Port Deakin has been condemned.
Barwon Heads was selected because of the type of bridge and location. While filming at fishermen's pier, the bridge will be visible in the background. Because the script tells of a bridge that is condemned, directors require a traffic free bridge.
Through the cooperation of VicRoads, City of Greater Geelong, Victoria Police and the local community, traffic will be stopped for periods up to one minute while filming takes place. Location Manager with ABC TV Drama Unit, Neil McCart said the intermittent traffic control would span a period of about four hours on each day of filming and would be conducted to ensure that traffic is continually cleared. He said cooperation of the local community was vital for the production of the series and any disruption would be minimal.

Filming at Barwon Heads would take place one day every three weeks between November and April, but the film crew would avoid the busy holiday period during January.
The series Sea Change will consist of thirteen, one hour episodes. Casting has been completed and the producers will announce the leading actors during mid November.It is expected the series will be seen on ABC Television during the middle of 1998. Filming will also take place at locations at bayside suburbs around Melbourne.
The story revolves around big city lawyer Laura Gibson and her two children Miranda 16 and Rupert 12. With her life in tatters in the city Laura returns to Pearl Bay with her children to where, ten years ago, she spent one of the happiest holidays of her life. But Pearl Bay has changed. Laura accepts the job of town magistrate and through the sad, funny, petty and sometimes extraordinary cases Laura presides over, she discovers an idiosyncratic town of divided loyalties, old secrets and bizarre conspiracies.