Pam & Warren Halnon :
arrived down here in April 1985 from II1 Williamstown with two young sons Stuart 4 and Dean 2 and Pam tells us about those days.
   "Both coming from Church families, doing things to help others was part of the upbringing  of both of us."  Way back, someone asked Pam "Why we were moving to Gods Waiting Room" the town didn't  have a large young family population then but they were very happy here!
     "1985-Stuart started kinder Term 2, and I was asked to go on the Easter Fair Committee. I thought 'why not', it's a good way to meet" people.
         This is where I first met John Brady, VI President of the Easter Fair Committee and that was definately a shock to the system! I am not sure I have recovered yet! Sorry John only a kidding!
       I took on a few other roles at Kinder,  Secretary, President and then Enrolments for a few years; (with 5 sons I had a few years at Kinder).
    When Stuart started school it was the first time  Barwon Heads primary had more than 100 children. I think it was 102! 
We continued our involvement in the Easter Fair for 18 years, until Andrew finished there in 2003. The boys were always encouraged to help, after all it is their community and their school or past school.
     When Jarryd was bom in 1987 I was invited to ABA (Nursing Mothers Association then) and after 18 months started to train as a ' Breastfeeding Counsellor and am still. a counsellor and still love it! Nothing better than having a cuddle of a newborn! Have had and still have various roles in ABA both locally and  nationally.
       About 1990 we were invited to a trivia night and we enjoyed it, but the person running it came from Melbourne and when we asked  about a Trivia night fundraiser we were quoted a horrific price. Finally Warren decided he would give it a go. We felt it was a way we, could give back to the community He was planning to do one or two a year but somehow, it just grew and grew until he went into retirement last year after 14 years (be still has a , favorite few).
  Warren always loved. his Tennis and eventually ended up as President of the Tennis Club, a position he's held for the last four years.
, In 1995 Jarryd decided (or got convinced by Margaret Pocock) to give athletics a try, so all the other boys came along. As a believer that if   your children are involved then you should  support them, I ended up on the Little Aths. Committee and was honoured to be given a  Life Membership.  
This is Andrews final season, and I will find it hard to leave.
 In 1991 we needed a JP and couldn't find one, so Warren enquired about what was involved,  was trained and then sworn in and has beendoing it ever since.
      The boys love their football so when Warren found Joffa umpiring the Juniors or Reserves continually, he pulled back on his whites (he l had umpired for many years in Melbourne) and umpired quite a few games for Barwon Heads until his back got the better of him!
    In 2000 Dean was given the fantastic opportunity of carrying the torch in Geelong for the Sydney Olympics. He also belongs to Barwon Heads CFA.
   Jarryd is also a member of CFA and has now take on an Officer Role. He has had a couple of stints at bush fires in Anakie and this year at Jamison..
    He was also at the right place at the right time last year and was able to help rescue a family from Melbourne who got caught in the sea. (He had just finished his lifesaving Certificate as part of his Outdoor Education Course) Now working at the YMCA Camp at Anglesea, he has also had the opportunity of doing some volunteer leadership work within their camps program in other parts of Victoria.
   Ryan has now completed his training and is also a member of the CFA and has also just had the opportunity of doing a World Challenge Expedition to Cambodia and Thialand. Part of this was to work in an orphanage in Cambodia, where most of the children had been abandoned on rubbish dumps. This experience along with visiting the Pol Pot museum in Cambodia has opened his eyes to what a great place Australia and Barwon Heads is to grow up in..
   Andrew and I also belong to Barwon Heads Uniting Church, he enjoys working at the Annual Fair and also chatting with the Locals when he delivers their prescriptions from Bernard  at the pharmacy.
   He is just waiting until he is 16 and then he can also start his training with the CFA.
  In 2004 when the CFA Auxilliary was short of members, I was asked to join, (love rattling those tins outside IGA on Easter Sunday.) As a CFA member I also became part of the Barwon Heads Emergency Team (did you know we had one? I didn't until recently).
   Why volunteer? I believe that you get out of life what you put in! we just enjoy being involved, neither Warren or I are watchers of life and we have tried to share this with the boys.
     We love Barwon Heads, this community  welcomed us when we first arrived and allowed our boys to grow up in a caring supportive neighbourhood.
  A town where most people knew you by name, although recently the town has grown a bit , quickly and we need to fight to keep this community spirit alive for the next generation, I always told my boys there was nothing they could do in this town, that I wouldn't find out about and this statement came back to haunt me (both good and bad) many many times!"
                                     Pam Halnon

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