The act of paying (a Person ) a suitable equivalent in return for goods provided, services rendered, or loss incurred.
The act of compensating: making payment for.

Is the brainchild of friends , Dianne Gallagher and Andrea Dennett. Both were concerned at the loss of many ancient Moonahs from the Barwon Heads landscape over the recent years.

Frustrated by Council's apparent lack of interest/ concern about this loss and at the absence of legislation dealing with tree removal: the two decided to take positive steps to redress and eventually reverse this loss.

They felt that one way of taking positive action would be to encourage local residents to plant a Moonah tree in their yards.

With the help of Friends of the bluff and Graeme Stockton of West Coast Indigenous Nursery, Dianne and Andrea have Moonah Seedlings available for local residents and Andrea will supply and plant one tree (per household, at this stage) free of charge.
Order forms are available from Starfish Cafe and the Post Office.
Or print the This PDF
some local trees that have stood on the riverbank since before white settlement