The imposing limestone cliffs of The Barwon Bluff are a spectacular symbol of the beauty and diversity of our marine and coastal environment. The Bluff is a local icon, a popular tourist destination and a profound aboriginal place. It is of geological significance and an area of educational and scientific importance. The Bluff is host to an elaborate system of habitats including cliff, dunes, rock pools, reefs, estuarine, woodland and beaches all supporting a myriad of life.

Incorporated in 1994, Friends of the Bluff, (FoB), are a group of volunteers with a common interest in caring for the complete ecosystem of The Bluff.

The main aims of the group are:

  • to protect, maintain and enhance the remnant habitat of the Bluff

  • to rehabilitate the flora and fauna indigenous to the Bluff

  • to raise community awareness, understanding and appreciation of the natural environment of The Bluff.

Friends of the Bluff work in association with the management and staff of the Barwon Coast Committee of Management, Parks Victoria and Coast Action. We maintain regular contact with major environment groups and regional coast community groups.

To achieve our aims FoB is actively involved in partnering sustainable management strategies, implementing weed eradication programs, propagating and planting indigenous species, observing bird and animal life and conducting interpretative and educational sessions.

To date; Friends of The Bluff have:

  • conducted regular working bees that have removed truckloads of weeds and rubbish from The Bluff enabling amazing re-generation of our coastal flora.

  • implemented a landscape management plan that has seen the installation of trails, viewing platforms and signage as well as devising strategies for managing vegetation.

  • actively campaigned for the establishment of the Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary

  • co-ordinated the successful environment program at the annual Barwon Heads Festival of the Sea. This major event celebrates our connection to the sea and includes seminars, forums, schools events, a sustainable living expo, an enviro-groups expo as well as dozens of interactive activities.

  • conceived, developed and produced a C.D-Rom/website “Living on the Edge” to celebrate the Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary. Over 3000 copies of this valuable education tool have been distributed locally, nationally and internationally including a copy to every primary school in Victoria. “Living on the Edge” won both a Victorian Coastal Award for Excellence and a Banksia Environmental Award in 2005.  Category 7 

  • actively supported the establishment and development of the Barwon Estuary Interpretation Centre; The ‘Lobster Pot’- a community centre promoting the environmental, cultural and social heritage of Barwon Heads.

  • produced 3 high quality pocket-sized field guides; all distributed free of charge and available at the Lobster Pot

Plants That Clothe The Bluff - introduces visitors to the amazing plants that you will discover as you wander around the Bluff.

Life On The Edge – a comprehensive guide to all sub-tidal marine life at The Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary.

Birds Of The Bluff – a beautiful show & tell interpretation of the most common birds that visit our Bluff.

  • collected hundreds of high class images of the flora, fauna, marine life, geology and general landscape of the Bluff as a record of the area.

  • conducted countless guided activities with school and community groups as well as visitors to the area.

Friends of the Bluff are proud to actively support and auspice two offshoot groups in Barwon Heads

  • Friends of Moonah Park is a residents group seeking to re-establish a natural corridor and protect remnant vegetation on the upper Barwon Estuary

  • Friends of Gateway Moonahs is a resident’s group undertaking the protection and enhancement of a fragile parcel of moonah woodland at the town entrance

Friends of the Bluff are committed to developing programs that protect and enhance the Bluff and the Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary and encouraging others to recognize and appreciate this unique landmark.


We welcome your support and membership to our nationally recognised and awarded community group;

Leadership in Protecting Coastal & Marine Environments

Presented to an individual, group or organisation for outstanding achievement and leadership in protecting Australia’s marine flora, fauna and ecosystems and contributing to a sustainable future.

WINNER - Friends of The Bluff - VIC
Living on the Edge CD and website seeks to inspire and educate its audience, to foster a desire amongst the community and visitors to the area and to protect and conserve the biodiversity and integrity of the Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary.

Our group encompasses –


President Jon Duthie p: 03 52542626 a/h

Vice President Nick Bouma m: 0411 041036

Secretary Tim Gibson p: 03 52543220

Treasurer& Public Officer Faye Connors m: 0417 518685

Executive Officers Andrea Dennett m: 0439 814020

John O’Reilly m: 0439 930399

Rhonda Coffey m: 0402 487929

Membership Ros Gibson p: 03 52543220

Communications Paul Clissold m: 0419 407521

Indigenous Liaison John Tunn


Barwon Bluff Working B’s Jon Duthie p: 52542626

Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary Steve Tuohy m: 0400 612198

Friends of Moonah Park (River Pde.) Andrea Dennett as above

Festival Of The Sea
Friends of The Bluff proudly sponsor & support Barwon Heads ‘Festival of the Sea’ - March