2015 March 11 - 15

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Supporters and Sponsors of the Barwon Heads Festival of the Sea,
It is with great pleasure I write to you as the new President of the Festival of the Sea to whet your appetite for all things FOTS and
give you some insights into what may coming up for our festival which is on from 11 th - 15th March 2015.

The Festival of the Sea is a truly unique event that provides a space for all community groups in and around Barwon Heads to
contribute to celebrating who we are as a community and what is special about the place we live. The FOTS provides an
extraordinary opportunity to form partnerships with other groups and individuals in our village by the sea, and help build
relationships with each other and the magnificent marine, coastal, and estuarine environments we enjoy.

FOTS15 Program: The program is at this stage is a work in progress but there are a number of things to be getting excited about.
Throughout the week the arts program is steppinginto some new spaces with exciting initiatives involving laneways, poles, giant sea
creature puppets, and children! Our environmental and sustainability groups are planning for some special events including a short
film festival of sea films, walks, gawks, and talks, and will again be working closely with the school. Music will continue to be a
strong program element with local musical talent being complemented with range of street performers. A number of other local
groups including Seachange Quilters, Barwon Heads Arts Council Barwon Heads Art Group, Barwon Heads Sustainability Group
and Friends of the Bluff have begun planning their contributions. The famous Duck Race will again be key element of fundraising to ensure that all activities remain free and open to all.

All local groups are encouraged to consider how they can get involved and are encouraged to get in touch with our Festival
Coordinator to discuss how we can help make your vision a reality.

FOTS15 Support: We have been delighted in recent weeks to gain the support ofa number of organisations and groups including
Barwon Coast, Bendigo Community Bank, Talking Heads and, Geelong Regional Library Corporation. These in –kind or cash
contributions are essential to running events throughout the week and further queries regarding sponsorship and donations are most

FOTS15 Committee: The FOTS has a new committee who are all volunteers working hard to progress and build on previous
successes, whilst also supportingthe festival and its contributors in achieving our mission of celebrating our linksto the sea
through the diversityof ourenvironment, history, arts, culture, and lifestyle.

Your committee representatives are Trish Clayton, John Burke (Secretary, and representing BH Sustainability Group), Kaz McGlynn
(representing BH Arts Council), David Littleton (Vice President), Suzanne Brown (Treasurer), and myself. For those that don’t
know me I am a Barwon Heads resident and have been a long term supporter ofthe Festival since its inception and, while new to the
FOTS Committee, have contributed behind the scenes in environmental focused parts ofthe program.

We are pleased to let you know that this year the FOTS Committee has engaged a Festival Coordinator to support our work and
ensure that communication between all partners, contributors, and volunteers is maintained. Vicki Strachan, well known to many of
you through her coordination of local events in Mountain to Mouth earlier this year, will be our arms and legs and help bring the
program together and ensure that all groups are informed and engaged throughout. Her support will help us move forward and ensure our event continues to grow.

The committee is very grateful and wishes to express our sincere thanks for the above and beyond contribution of the previous
committee members, in particular the work of Rick Webb, former FOTS President. Together with his committees and supporters
Rick and team have delivered very successful events for the last five years and we applaud this significant volunteer contribution.
In closing on behalf of your FOTS Committee I wish you and yours a fabulous Christmas, a safe and rewarding new year, and hope you will join us in March as we come together to celebrate our special place through the Festival of the Sea 2015.

With warm regards,
Mark Rodrigue
President, FOTS 15