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  My name is  Martin  Klabbers and I have been living in Barwon Heads since 1972. I first started collecting images after buying my first colour scanner in 1993. After scanning a number of early photographs of Barwon Heads and towns along the Great Ocean Road owned by a family friend. This gave me the idea that there may be more photos lying in bottom drawers and cardboard boxes around town. Of these first photos some were already showing signs of aging and at risk of being lost forever.
Slowly as time allows I have approached local residents and asked for a loan of their family photos to include in a developing pictorial history of Barwon Heads. A copy of every image can be seen at Barwon Estuary Heritage Centre. As at September 2022 there are approximately 1600 images in the collection.
  Since starting this I have learnt a lot about the local history and it has become a minor obsession looking for more photo’s.

The Following Is a List of some Local Residents that have contributed photographs

Clarence — Quinton — Hyland — Ward — Hay — Hudson — Stephens — Brown — Cameron — Taylor  — Creece — Druce –Sutcliffe — Edwards — Evans — Blyth –Hunter  — James — Jantzen — Lamont — Lawn — Leigh — Luxton — Morison — Obrien — Hayward  — Brady — Kroger  — Tait — Andrews  —  Harmer  — Jennings — Cribbs — Firth — Heward — Stevens — Walker  — Collier  — Dumergue — Gray — Hobbs — Shears — Ward — Barr  — Bartlett  — Brady — Edge — Brockwell  — Capon —  Charmen — Fagg — Feldman — Fuller — Golightley — Howard — Marshman —  Mckee — Walker  — Watson —  Winter  — Zada

As time permits I will post a reply to any questions I receive below

  • 10/2022  The last flood that affected the whole town 1951-52.  In 1995 there was a high river flow that eroded the Ocean Grove river bank at the bridge. There have been a number of minor flooding events due to heavy rain fall or lack of drainage.