Barwon Heads Traders
& Tourism Assoc. Inc.
P.O. Box 1 Barwon Heads vic 3227
Bernard Napthine c/- Barwon Heads Pharmacy ph 52542312
                                      David Littleton 
c/- Seahaven Village ph 52541066

    Meetings Held First Tuesday of the month at the Senior Citizens Centre in Clifford Pd. at 6.00pm.
   Membership $40.00 Per Financial Year
   Listings on this web site available at no cost to association members

The Barwon Heads Traders & Tourism Association is a group of business people
endeavouring to promote business and tourism in Barwon Heads.
It is formally structured with office bearers and meets monthly.
There are thoughts to redefine the direction of the group to make it more appropriate for the times.
These actions will be driven by the membership.

The objectives of the group are
1. to represent Barwon Heads businesspeople with government bodies, local authorities and regulatory bodies.
2. to promote Barwon Heads as a destination for tourists
3. to promote Barwon Heads businesses within the local community



As with any organisation, particularly a voluntary one like ours, it will often struggle to not only be relevant but also simply to involve its members. We are lucky in that we do have a strong list of members something that reflects well on this organization. But like so many groups there are usually only a handful of very active members. So firstly I would like to thank those that have assisted me so well over the last 12 months. Hamish our reliable Secretary, Martin the ever frugal Treasurer and David my Vice President, and our representative on Bellarine Tourism. Plus a thank-you to everyone who has turned up at our meetings or simply helped out now and then over the year.

As I said it is hard having all your members involved and with such a diverse range of business members like ours it's nearly impossible, but we can try. To do so we first need to know what our members concerns are.

So last year with our membership renewal forms we sent out a brief questionnaire asking members their concerns and what issues they think need to be raised. Back in November a list was compiled and emailed to all members to get their feedback. A draft “List of Issues” was presented to the members at our February meeting. Here it was discussed in depth and finalized before being adopted.

I can report since then I have had a meetings with Andy Richards and Gary Van Driel (General Services manager) raising these issues and even had some success, for example the cleaning of the footpaths, but as we know some things take longer than others. I am happy to go through then list to update you all but feel this is best left to general business where questions can be asked.

Earlier this year I was kindly invited by the BHA to address there meeting and given the opportunity to explain to their members what the Traders Association has been doing. The list provided the perfect way to cover our issues and what actions we have taken so far. Many of our concerns are the same (like clean footpaths, the trip hazards in some areas etc.) others proved less than fully accepted (e.g. using the current Kindergarten site as public car parking once the building is replaced). But that’s OK we will never agree on everything but simply to be working closely together is good outcome and where possible we will always do so (e.g. Laheys Square).

Once again we have also had a good working relationship with Barwon Coast and continue to support their efforts in running the Shuttle Bus over the summer school holidays, which continues to grow in use. Plus the wonderful New Years Eve fireworks that are much loved by locals and visitors alike. In the future we hope to work closely together on such issues as walking trails and the possible expansion of the successful Tourist Information van.

One job I have enjoyed doing is working with the Sustainability group and others in helping reduce the use of plastic bags in the town and the hope that we may soon be plastic bag free. You may all be aware that hundreds of jute bags have been provided free of charge to locals and some regular visitors to encourage not using plastic bags. Many businesses have already stopped using them and we hope more will do so. (Shop window signs to thank those who are)

As you are all probably aware Press Here have been working with the Traders to put out the free town map, hundreds of which are given away each year. But it's not just a map it is also a list of all of our members with their address and contact details. So I would remind you all that as membership fees are now due don't forget to get them back soon and be included in the new map – I would hate you to miss out as it really is a great way to promote the use of local businesses.

Also while talking about the maps I am meeting Anthony Mangelsdorf (Barwon Heads Sustainability) with the aim of looking at what bicycle trails exist and can they be incorporated into our map. It has always been on BHTTA agenda to try and improve cycling (reduces car use, parking issues and keeps people fitter) and while COGG mentions cycling strategies often in it's planning document (like the Barwon Heads Structure Plan) little has been done to improve or promote this. Hopefully this will change and we can work with BHA and others like Bike Safe to get more progress in this area.

It is a bit like the various ideas that have circulated for some years now around walking trails, like the Round the Heads Trail, where at times plans and ideas have been put forward but very little has actually happened. Again it would be good to see some sort of working party formed involving COGG and the various local stakeholders to see some of this actually happen. Hopefully we can push this during the next 12 months.

So as you can see it’s been a busy year but a lot more can still be done so hopefully this time next year (with a bit of extra help) we will have ticked more things off our list.

Thank-you for all turning up tonight and happy trading for the year ahead!

Bernard Napthine



President: Bernard Napthine

c/- Barwon Heads Pharmacy ph 52542312

Vice-Pres: David Littleton

c/- Seahaven Village ph 52541066

Treasurer: Martin Klabbers

Secretary: Hamish Lonsdale

Executive: Belinda Jennings

Executive: Doreen Abel



Tuesday 1st October
- Senior Citizens Centre, Clifford Pde 6:15pm

Tuesday 3rd December
- Christmas drinks (details to be confirmed)

Tuesday 4th February
- Senior Citizens Centre, Clifford Pde 6:15pm

Tuesday 1st April
- Social meeting (details to be confirmed)

Tuesday 3rd June
- Senior Citizens Centre, Clifford Pde 6:15pm

Tuesday 5th August
- AGM (location to be confirmed)

All meetings are open to members and the general public

For more information contact:
Bernard Napthine Pres. 0439 641 305
David Littleton V. Pres. 0417 543 336