Barwon Heads Jetty
(Barwon Heads Park), Ewing Blyth Drive

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The first jetty at Barwon Heads was constructed before 1889 at the  present site. On 8 February 1889 the Barwon Heads Park Trust Committee wrote to the Harbour Department drawing their attention to the dangerous state of the jetty. A  few days earlier, the Public Works Department had called tenders for the extension  of the jetty.

walk19b.jpg (13318 bytes)On 26 April, 1889 the Park Trust Committee allocated 50 to be spent on repairs to the structure. Additional and considerable repairs and alterations also  occurred in 1907, for the Geelong Harbour Trust Commissioners instructed A.S. Mackayn? to   prepare drawings to the jetty at that time.
Little maintenance was carried out on  the jetty during the next 30 years. By 9 July, 1939, having been exposed to the elements,  it and the shed [boot room?] were in a poor state and so the Barwon Heads Park  Committee of Management made representation to the Lands Department for its repair. However the Second World War halted any further work to the structure. It was not  until 1948-49 that alterations occurred to the jetty (increasing its height), together  with the construction of the southern jetty and Fishermens' Co-operative Sheds.
The Sheds were constructed by Jock Napier of Ocean Grove, with assistance from the   members of the Co-operative which had formed after the War. Apart from some minor   changes, the jetties and sheds had remained largely intact until 1999 when works   commenced to develop the site into a new restaurant and cafe complex.walk19c.jpg (16182 bytes)

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