Orungal Secondary Anchor
(Barwon Heads Park), Ewing Blyth Drive

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The SS Orungal was built in Glasgow in 1923. On 19 November, 1940, in  thick fog, the Orungal stuck the Formby Reef, three quarters of a mile east of the Bluff. A local fisherman, Clive Stephens, reached the vessel when it first grounded and  later ferried workmen to the ship for salvaging operations. All passengers and crew were landed safely. On 13 December, a fire broke out on the ship and it was damaged  beyond repair.





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It was sold to Whelan the Wrecker soon after, for 1175.





The secondary anchor of the SS Orungal has recently been located in the Barwon Heads   Park, next to the offices.walk18c.jpg (24831 bytes)

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