Barwon Heads Park, Ewing Blyth Drive

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The Barwon Heads Park is a well-treed camping reserve, with mainly tea and gum trees, together with a couple of surviving Norfolk pine and Cypress  trees. The park is bound to the east by the Barwon River mouth, where picturesque views of  the ocean, river, beaches and the bridge (to the north-east) can be enjoyed. The  southern end of the park is denoted by the Bluff, where the Earl of Charlemont Cairn is  situated.
On 8 May, 1889, the first meeting of the Trustees appointed by the Government as a Committee of Management of the Barwon Heads Reserve was held at the top  of Mt. Colite (the Bluff). The Committee, consisting of William Humble  (chairman), H.F. Richardson (Secretary), and Messrs. Fuller, Higgins and Strong, had been appointed on 11 March, 1889, and gazetted on 15 March, 1889. walk16a.jpg (13206 bytes)
In the first week of  July, 1890, one of the first major projects of the Trust was carried out - the  planting of 375 trees sent by the Manager of the Macedon State Forest. On 6 August, 1892, there  were moves to name the reserve "Clarence Park".
About the turn of the century,  application was made to set out a golf links in the reserve, with a further  application several years later in 1930 to remove soil from the Park Lands situated in the south  east corner of theGolf Club boundary.
The year 1924 was an important one for the Park. A  number of young Pinus Insignus trees were obtained and planted, while permission  was granted to the Barwon Heads Football Club and the Barwon Heads Tennis Club to  carry out the levelling, grading, fencing and removing of box thorn for the proposed  oval and tennis courts respectively.walk16b.jpg (14569 bytes) The development of the oval was actually an  extension of an earlier oval on the site.
The Trust were also largely responsible for the  construction of the bridge in 1925, with the approach to the bridge penetrating the Park.
The Frank Ellis Reserve to the north-east of the park was originally incorporated   with the parklands.
In 1926 the Tennis Club had erected a shelter on the west side of  the courts, and in 1927 a tea room was constructed to the design by Laird and Buchan.  This tea room was built from the old material from the earlier tea room building. walk16c.jpg (11493 bytes)
On 23 November, 1929, tenders were received from Mr F. Ellis to operate the  kiosk [tea room?]. Yet, there appears to have been some structural problems with the   kiosk, for in 1933 the building was raised and relocated and its outbuildings were rebuilt with fresh timbers.
In 1936, the Park Trust applied to the Lands Department  for control of the reserve north of the Park (between Bridge Road and Ozone Road,  Fiinders Parade and the foreshore) that had been separated from Trust control with the  construction of the bridge.
The onset of the Second World War in 1939 witnessed the  occupation of troops on the oval in the Park, and the Park was under military  occupation until 1942.
In 1954 a committee of management was elected for the Barwon Heads Company Reserve, replacing the former Barwon Heads Park Trust. In more recent  years, the Park has been under the control of the Barwon Coast Committee of  Management Inc.walk16e.jpg (20254 bytes)

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