Former Boat Sheds, 10 Ewing Blyth Drive

walk12a.jpg (9944 bytes)The two former boat sheds comprising this house were constructed in c.1913 to a standard design developed for the Geelong Harbour Trust by A.T. Macilam?, engineer. This appears to have been the second standard design developed for the  Geelong Harbour Trust, for the architects Seeley and King had provided the Trust  with a design in 1905 (as depicted in former boat shed at 11 Flinders Parade). Miss  Lydia Millett's two boat sheds numbering 14 and 15 on the Barwon River foreshore -  previously used for beach recreation - appear to have been relocated to this site in  1936-37 and incorporated into the construction of this house.


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The single storey, horizontal weatherboard Late Federation styled former   boat shed is characterised by two projecting gable roof forms which are linked by a recessed gable that traverses the site. A feature of the design is the front gable   porches of the former boat sheds. They are each supported by four early worked timber posts  with the southern porch having original worked timber brackets. The flying gable  of vertical timber fretwork on both porches are original design elements.



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