Barwon Heads Bridge
(from Heritage Victoria citation)

walk9b.jpg (12447 bytes)The Barwon Heads bridge is an exceptionally long timber beam road bridge of 34 spans built over the Barwon Rivert estuary in 1927.
Despite recent  modifications such as the discreet addition of some steel beams and a 7.3m wide concrete and  bitumen deck that better meets contemporary traffic needs, the bridge retains  much of its historical integrity.
The sympathetic modifications have preserved the  essential form  and aesthetics of a traditional timber bridge with its original  driven-pile timber piers, twin pairs of cross-bracing, round timber corbels, old timber stringers, timber crossheads, timber abutments and timber side railings.
A major consideration in choosing the site for this bridge was its proposed tourist function and  the desire to provide scenic views of the ocean and broad Barwon River estuary.
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