Corner Store, 1 Flinders Parade

The asymmetrical, single storey, painted brick interwar Commercial styled corner store was built for George Golightly in 1934-35.
It is characterised by two  hipped roofs clad in terra cotta tiles. Wide overhangs and exposed rafters are features of  the eaves. The altered, early timber framed windows on the east and south facades  have highlights, with the windows on the south facade having original  leadlighting. The front panelled timber doors, located on the chamfered corner and on a diagonal  axis, may also be early. Early decorative features of the design include the  substantial corner timber eaves brackets and the terra cotta ridge ornamentation, that provides a Federation styled character to the design.
walk8a.jpg (13370 bytes)View of the river showing a tent on the sit of the store circa 1930
walk8b.jpg (6764 bytes)Mr George Golightly owner of the the hotel on the opposite corner

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