Wurrook, 7 Flinders Parade

This house was built for Mrs Amuri Russell, possibly in 1923. Amuri Russell named the property "Wurrook", the same name as the Russell property at Rokewood. Mrs Russell took an active interest in town life, for she (with Mrs Hay and Mrs Bell)  started the library in the Church of England grounds, providing books for loan from her private collection.

The asymmetrical, two storey (second storey within the roof space), horizontal weatherboard interwar Californian Bungalow house is characterised by a  dominant gable roof form, and a flat roof extension to the south and east sides.  An early, tall, rendered brick chimney with a projecting cornice and two terra cotta pots adorns the roofline. Wide overhangs are a feature of the eaves. The early timber framed windows are double hung and have wide fixed central lights. Other timber framed  single and grouped windows to the sides appear to be recent additions. A feature of  the design is the verandah portico, with its tapered capping terminating in the flat roof and balcony above. Early decorative features of the design include the verandah and  gable shingling, gable brackets and the timber stringcourse on the street  facade.

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