House, 9 Flinders Parade

The site of this house was purchased by W. Sadier in 1891. By the early  1930s, the land had bee purchased by Florence Windeyer of Kyalite Park, Deniliquin,  and she had this house built in 1934-35.

The asymmetrical, single storey, horizontal weatherboard interwar  Californian   Bungalow house is characterised by a recessed, dominant gable roof form  which   traverses the site, together with two minor gables and a flat roofed bay window that  project towards the street frontage. An unpainted red brick chimney   adorns the roofline. Wide overhangs and exposed rafters are features of the eaves. The early timber framed windows forming the projecting bay and under the verandah have large central lights and are flanked by double hung windows. A feature of the  design is the verandah, recessed under the dominant traversing gable and secondary   projecting gable. Early decorative features of the design include the gable shingling and ventilator.

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