Former Boat Shed, 11 Flinders Parade

walk5a.jpg (9445 bytes)This former boat shed was constructed in 1905 to a standard design   developed for the Geelong Harbour Trust by Seeley and King, Geelong architects. The   standard design resulted from a need to improve the type and quality of boat shed on the  Barwon Heads foreshore. The Geelong Advertiser reported in 1906 that until the  Geelong Harbour Trust had decided to bring the sheds up to a 'proper standard',   there were a 'nondescript class of boat sheds ... erected at Barwon Heads', being   'built from packing cases and the lining of packing cases.' These sheds measured 30 feet by 12 feet,  and 'had a comfortable living room in front and bedrooms behind, but  contained no sanitary facilities of any kind, nor were they constructed in accordance
with the building regulations of the township. Nevertheless, many of the sheds were   elaborately furnished and had electric light installed.' By 1925 around 60 licences had been granted at 5 per annum to residents of Geelong, Ballarat, Melbourne and   other localities, with the line of sheds stretching from near the present   jetties and Fishermens' Co-operative sheds to Ozone Road.
This shed appears to have been constructed for W. Sadler in 1905. Sadler had two boat sheds on the foreshore, numbering 39 and 40
The Harbour Trust's leasing of the foreshore allotments for the boat sheds was carried out without first obtaining the consent of the Governor-in-Council as  required by the Act. With the increase of licensees of the sheds staying for longer  periods and more sheds being constructed, the local people became alarmed that their beach was being overtaken. The fact that the sheds were in breach of the Act was used by  the residentsto bring about their removal. From 1920 until 1935, controversy raged between the local residents, Harbour Trust, Health Commission, the Government and the licensees of the sheds as to the validity of the structures on the foreshore. Finally, in 1935-36 financial year, the Lands Department renewed the boatsheds' licenses for  the last time, as Cabinet had bowed to public pressure and stopped the further leasing of the foreshore land.
The first boatshed to leave the Barwon Heads foreshore  occurred on 5 June, 1936, owned by Mrs Waiter Kernot. Over half of the 56 boatsheds  were later relocated to Ocean Grove.
This 'Barwon Heads example later formed the basis for a uniform policy on private occupation of foreshore throughout the State.'  This boat shed was therefore removed in 1936.

The symmetrical, single storey, horizontal weatherboard, Federation   styled boat shed  is characterised by a gable roof form,. with a porch at the front. Early  decorative features of the design include the timberporch brackets, timber members of the flying gable (except the recent timber finial), and the timber framed panelling  forming the porch valance.

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