Monomeeth', 33 Flinders Parade

This site was sold to Horace F. Richardson in 1891 and he had a weatherboard house constructed at this time. in 1893, this property was purchased by George  Hague, woolbroker, and he appears to have had extensive alterations and  additions carried out during the next few years.walk03a.jpg (12816 bytes) These alterations were to the design by Laird and Barlow, Geelong architects. The house, named Wonomeeth", was certainly  substantial, for it contained 12 rooms and cellars, and was enveloped by returned verandahs. The site also had a lighting plant, underground tanks, stables, other multi-roomed weatherboard outbuildings, weatherboard kitchen, windmill, coal shed, garage and  tennis court.
"Monomeeth" was one of the finest guest houses in Barwon Heads after its completion. With the death of George Hague around 1909, "Monomeeth", together with boat shed no. 64, was sold to William Charles Cutts in 1911.
In 1918-19, the property was purchased by Mrs Harriett M. Garlick, who became the house keeper to the guest house. The property was advertised for subdivision on 26 December, 1922, by Mrs Garlick, possibly as a result of a fire which destroyed the kitchen and   some bedrooms and damaged other parts of the house.
While the land size of "Monomeeth" was reduced, the original house (after sections had been sold and removed)  was eventually retained by Mrs Garlick. In 1923, she engaged the Geelong architects Laird and Buchan to design alterations and additions at a cost of 70.

The symmetrical, single storey, horizontal weatherboard Edwardian style house is characterised by a substantial galvanised corrugated iron broken-back hipped roof, roof gablet and verandah that spans the length of the street facade. An early, unpainted brick and substantially corbelied chimney with three terra cotta pots adorns the roofline. A feature of the design is the front verandah, which is supported by early worked timber columns. Early worked timber brackets and fretwork valance, together with the capped timber verandah balustrade form striking decorative features.

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