Latrines Shed

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Typical boat shed dated 191
The latrines shed in the Frank Ellis reserve was constructed in c.1914 to a design developed for the Geelong Harbour Trust Commissioners by R.R. Williams, engineer.
There were about 75 boat sheds that neighboured this structure in the 1920s and early 1930s. The single storey, horizontal weatherboard, late Federation vernacular building is characterised by a single galvanised corrugated iron gable roof form. Wide overhangs (without guttering) and exposed rafters are features of the eaves. The timber framed doorway appears to be early, as does the gable ventilation louvres. The opposite (east) gable end also has ventilation louvres, together with original double timber doors, so that the structure appeared as a boatshed when it was visually connected to the sheds on the Barwon River foreshore in the 1910s and  1920s.
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The Latrine shed as it stands today


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