Creating a safer community

Ordinary People Extraordinary Job

Barwon Heads
 Fire Brigade

Sheepwash Rd Barwon Heads
contact:    Dale Berryman: 0418 522 664
          or call at the fire station on 2nd and 4th
  Tuesday of the month 7.30 - 9 pm, or Sunday 
     mornings 10 am - 12 pm.
Emergencey Number  000
Recruiting men and women now for:
  Daytime firefighters 
  Fire equipment maintenance persons 
  PR persons and fund raisers 
  Community educators 
  Administrative assistants
Make a contribution to your community. The pay is awful (absolutely nothing) but the rewards are great.


Les Jennings Brigade Member

I'm retired now, but I used to be a contracts manager. With six adult children and four grandchildren, you'd think I've got enough to do. Well, I can always find some time to enjoy others' company at the fire brigade.
I originally joined because I was community minded and one of my mates told me I should join. I guess I really enjoyed the social company, mixing with people, and learning new skills. A really important skill I've learned through the brigade is level 2 first aid.
These days in the brigade I lend a hand with the maintenance of fire fighting equipment and I help with fundraising and community education.
When I was younger I was a brigade lieutenant, I was responsible for training, organising the junior volunteers program and supervising fire plug and equipment maintenance.
It's the people, the friendships, the skills and the service to the community that I like. Join us!

  We have Fun!
We are good company
come and join us!

Dale Berryman Captain
Further Details 
ring Dale Berryman
0418 522 664

       About Barwon Heads Fire Brigade
People don't realise we're unpaid volunteers and that we provide a fire service as our contribution to the Barwon Heads community.
We answer fire and emergency calls, we provide community service and we help prevent fires. We're committed to Creating a Safer Community for all Barwon Heads residents.

We need your help! We've been providing a great fire service protecting the Barwon Heads community for over 45 years. We need you to join us to continue helping others. We need both fire fighters and non-fire fighters.

Our particular need - daytime firefighters 
We're looking for: 
 housewives                         local employees 
 part time workers              self employed 
 students (over 16)              teachers 
 active retired people          unemployed people 
 people available during the daytime 
 local employers who will support their workers in helping us
 people who work from home.

What's the time commitment?
Your time commitment can be as much as you want to give. We manage about 100 call outs a year. About 40 per cent are during the daytime so the commitment is about once a week on average but this is shared by us all.

Training provided 
If you're interested in fire fighting, we can teach you the basics you need to operate safely. This includes:
- basic fire ground practices 
- pump operation 
- fire safety awareness 
- fire equipment maintenance.
Other training can include:
- endorsed truck licence - first aid training - leadership training - communications - breathing apparatus training, and much more.

We need non-fire fighters too! 
We need fundraisers and PR people to help with our community image. We need educators to help get fire safety messages across to the community. We need persons who can be trained to service fire equipment for the brigade. We're also looking for someone who can help with administrative tasks.

Come and talk with us about the contribution you would like to make to your fire brigade and your community.