Sam Spry

   Sam has been an artist her whole life.  From the very beginning she had an insatiable urge to create, and drawing and photography have been the
foundations for her artistic expression.
   Sam completed a year of TOP art at the Gordon in 1987 and in 1988 was accepted into RMIT where she spent the next 3 years attaining her
Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication.  In 2006 Sam completed her Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education, majoring in Visual Arts.
   Sam grew up in Queenscliff and moved to Melbourne where she settled for  a while and produced her finest work - two beautiful, creative children!
After moving to NSW and spending 4 years in the coastal town of Tathra, Sam is now back on the Bellarine and living in Barwon Heads where she
plans to stay.  Her artistic endeavours have seen her exploring many mediums, although the majority of her work is photography, drawing and
     In 2000, whilst living in Tathra, Sam's art achieved its first official recognition with one of her photographs being chosen as a winner in a 'Save The Children' calendar competition.   From this catalyst Sam began to exhibit a wide variety of  work in group exhibitions across Australia.   Sam's work appears from time to time in local restaurant 'Barwon Orange'  and she is a regular exhibitor in the local Primary School's annual Easter Art Show.   Sam's work is held in private collections around the country and she is well known amongst local artists for the establishment of a life-drawing group.

   Sam's work explores the emotions and the human condition and her subject matter is often figuratively based.  Recent works have evolved to become a more symbolic exploration of the inner self.


  Sam can be contacted at  if you wish  to buy or see more of her work