Is a calm, quiet modest man whose beautiful water paintings have variously been described as 'calm', 'moving'. 'hypnotic'. 'surreal'. It's easy to be affected by the way Mark is able to capture water on canvas.
Mark worked as a graphic artist in an advertising agency 20 years ago. 10 years ago, freelance work developed and for some of his time he was able to pursue his true passion, fine art. During a transitional couple of years his fine art began to take over from his graphic work.
'the coast and the ocean have always held a fascination for Mark and he loves to paint water; he's often seen standing with his 2 _ year old son Sain up at 13th beach staring out to sea soaking it all up, refining his technique
Ideas are coming to Mark constantly and lie sketches them into visual diaries then works in his home studio from sketches and photos, going back to the site to check his interpretation.
Freelance work is not fur the fainthearted. Discipline and motivation don't conic easily to everyone, however, Mark credits his earlier life working in an organization as good grounding for creating structure in his working life now. In fact, Mark still likes to do occasional commercial work and has recently completed artists impressions for the Melbourne Aquarium, along with a series of caricatures for local footy clubs.
"Living on the coast has helped me notice things :none; living in Barwon Heads you become more aware of the environment" Mark muses as he describes when. looking out to sea one night, he noticed the way the mown played on the water. Inspiration for his latest work.
Mark has had quite a measure of success and has lead 9 successful solo exhibitions; was one of 'Three Local Artists' along with John Drove and Ben Fennessey exhibiting at On Shore art gallery during the Festival of the Sea; submitted two works this year in the Wynne prize. the landscape section of the Archibald prize.
Mark lives in Barwon Heads with his son and wife Melinda and if you would like it viewing of his work he's happy for you to call on 5254 1021.